Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Did Kris Jenner Debut “North West” on TV?

Kim Kardashian’s mother/manager Kris Jenner stooped to a new low by using her granddaughter, North West, to promote her new daytime talk show, “Kris”, on her Facebook page. Kris wrote, “You never know who will stop by our show today! #WatchKris”. She also posted a photo of herself smiling with a baby in her arms. The infant in her arms looks a little larger than a preemie who was born last month. The photo teaser prompted one fan to write: “We will be very disappointed if this is not Kim’s baby.”
Indeed, the child may be a North West imposter. Gossip website TMZ confirms the infant belongs to a hair and makeup person on the set.
Kim is reportedly outraged that someone on the staff at Cedars-Sinai hospital leaked her Pre-eclampsia diagnosis to the tabloids.

According to the NY Daily News, 6 employees have been fired for “inappropriate access” into Kim’s electronic medical records. All medical records are stored online in the hospital’s centralized computer network. Health care services employees can access the online records by logging into the network with their passwords. That’s how they got caught.
The six people fired includes four employees of community physicians, one medical assistant, and an unpaid student research assistant. The hospital said the workers were fired for violating the HIPAA policy which protects patients’ privacy.
Meanwhile, my west coast connect tells me that Kim is telling friends she is “stressed out” over all the swelling from her lipo surgery. My source says Kim is anxious to get back in front of the cameras again — but not until her surgically enhanced body is picture perfect.

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