Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ben Affleck to play Batman in 'Man of Steel' sequel

I know, right? Ben Affleck as Batman? Warner Bros. announced yesterday Thursday August 22nd that Ben Affleck will take over Christian Bale's role as Batman in the sequel to the Superman movie "Man of Steel." which will be released in 2015.

Just like some of you, millions of Batman fans are against him playing the role and have asked Warner Bros to drop him or they will boycott the movie.

There's already a petition on for Warner Bros to drop Affleck; a petition that already has over 10,000 signatures. What do you think of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne? See what others think..

 Lol. The petition...

This casting move is only okay if Matt Damon plays Robin
Gotham isn’t Boston

Tonto Dikeh's father comes through for her

Tonto posted this pic of herself and her father on her instagram page and talked about him coming through for her. She wrote:
"He really doez look cluelezz,He iz ma Mother n Father**Shoutout to d buziezt mozt lovin Papa Eva for comin thru**#MaKing #MaBaby #MaLife #Love #Tnx4BindereMom/Dad

Khloe and Lamar's marriage in crisis because of his drug abuse?

We have been hearing that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's marriage is in crisis but the core reason behind this according to TMZ is Lamar's 'hardcore drug abuse' and not the infidelities.
The marriage of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom is in crisis, TMZ has learned ... the core reason is hardcore drug abuse. Multiple sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Lamar has had a problem for 2 years.  It got so bad, last August Khloe pressured Lamar to go to rehab.  Lamar went to a facility in San Diego, but he was so resistant Khloe hired private investigators to secretly stand guard at the rehab place to make sure he didn't leave.
The P.I.s stood guard 24/7.  Our sources say Lamar constantly threatened to leave and Khloe made several visits to prevail upon him to stay.  We're told after 3 weeks, Lamar left for good.We're told Lamar actually stayed clean once he left rehab and was able to play well for the Clippers this past season.  But when the season was over, sources say Lamar slipped deep back into hardcore recreational drugs.  As for reports that Lamar was cheating recently, we're told Khloe is convinced it happened, and she feels she's been hit with a double whammy ... but drugs are the main problem. As for divorce ... neither Khloe nor Lamar has contacted a lawyer.  As one source put it, "Khloe is more concerned about saving Lamar than ending her marriage."We're told the situation has become dire.  Sources tell us ... within the last 2 days, the entire family staged an intervention, trying to convince Lamar to go back to rehab, but he wouldn't have any of it. In fact, on Wednesday morning, right after the failed intervention, Khloe threw Lamar out of the house and as you see from the pic (above), one of Lamar's friends is loading Lamar's stuff in his car as Lamar watches.We attempted to reach Lamar for comment ... so far, no word back

Rapper IllBliss Ibo Boy shows off family

The Hiphop/Rap recording artist shared photos of his family on his instagram page - his wife and two kids, Naeto and Vianny. Lovely!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Photo: Omotola & Family leave Rome in style

A family that vacations together,stays together..Omotola's first daughter looks like her...Lovely

Photos: Psquare's Record label signs Cynthia Morgan as IST Lady

She is a fantastic rapper/Raps like a Jamaican.For those wondering if she is the same Cynthia featured in Jybo's"Run their mouth" way back, yes she is, she went to the USA for a few years and is back, hotter and sexier than ever.....Money is good..
More photos of Cynthia..

Congrats to her

Photos: Sexy-Ini Edo & hubby jet Off to Paris

Aww the cute couple are off to Paris,Monaco and the UK for a romantic vacation. Ini shared these pics with her fans..

Hotness-Yvonne Nelson shows off her toned belly

She is undoubtedly one of Africa's best dressed celebs...I know y'all agree

Rapper 2 Chainz Arrested After Nine-Hour Standoff with Police

Rapper 2 Chainz
Rapper 2 Chainz was arrested for obstructing a police officer in Oklahoma City. The Atlanta rapper was taken into custody early Thursday morning after a nine-hour standoff with police. 2 Chainz had just performed in concert with rappers T.I. and Lil Wayne hours earlier.
UK’s Daily Mail reports that the rapper’s tour bus was pulled over when officers observed a broken tail light. After pulling the bus over, police detected the pungent aroma of marijuana in the air and attempted to board the bus, but the occupants locked the bus and prevented the police from boarding.
When the bus occupants refused to exit the bus, the vehicle was towed — occupants and all — to a nearby police training facility.

Rapper 2 Chainz
The 35-year-old rapper made headlines in June when he was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight in the San Francisco bay area. The brazen robbers later posted a photo of the 2 Chainz’s driver’s license and VISA debit card on a social networking website.

The driver of the vehicle was quickly arrested but officers had to wait until the next morning to obtain a warrant to gain entry onto the bus.
While obtaining the warrant, police towed the large touring vehicle to a nearby law enforcement training facility.
On Thursday morning, 2 Chainz, whose real name is Tauheed Epps, was arrested along with 10 other people on charges of obstructing a police officer, according to Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow.
According to Wardlow investigators obtained a warrant and all 11 people came off the bus around 9 a.m.
They were arrested on the obstruction charge and booked into Oklahoma County Jail on Thursday afternoon.
Wardlow also reported that investigators found narcotics on the bus, but don’t know to whom those belonged. She said more charges could be filed later.

Dang! Banky W's girlfriend showsoff sexy abs

The stunning Ghanaian beauty Andrea Manuela Giaccaglia shows us why Banky W decided to flaunt her as his main chick..She stepped out at the recently held Johnny Walker event looking like a butterfly...
Some say Trashy, I say with a body like that,she's allowed

Peter Okoye!...Ladies You Gotta See This!
          Look well ladies! Nigeria's hottest entertainer

Mysterious “Sea Monster” Washes Up Onshore in Spain

sea creature in Spain
A mysterious sea creature has washed up onshore in Villaricos, Spain, leaving everyone scratching their heads. A woman found the decomposing carcass on the beach early Thursday, according to a report on
“A lady found one part and we helped her retrieve the rest,” said Maria Sanches of Civil Protection in Cuevas. “We have no idea what it was. It really stank.” The carcass sprouts shattered bones (which some mistook for horns) on one end and is about 13 feet long.
Photos of the “sea monster” are going viral on social networks and making headlines all over the world. Some speculate humorously that the creature is a distant relative to the Loch Ness Monster.

Others believe the carcass is an Oarfish.
“It’s hard to know what we’re dealing with,” Marina-Sea Life Defense spokesman Paco Toledano told Ameria. “It’s very decomposed and we cannot identify what it is.
“Perhaps we could learn something more from the bones, but to be precise, it would be necessary to perform a genetic analysis, which is very expensive and who would pay for it?
“Anyway, we have submitted the information to colleagues with more experience and knowledge to see if they can tell us something more specific.”

eLDee talks about clubs selling fake alcohol to their customers

That's deep! That's illegal...and people should start calling out these clubs before they kill people... 

Ooop! Kaffy The Dance Queen Husband Is 25 Years Old?

I'm sorry, but una no say amebo na my work. Lol. So according to the international passport he posted on his instagram page yesterday, Kaffy's husband and PSquare's drummer Joseph Ameh was born May 23rd 1988 (circled above). That makes him 25. Kaffy DanceQueen was born in 1980, which means she's eight years older than her boo.

So you mean to tell me that before Toyin Lawani there was Kaffy? Wow. Good stuff. I'm really proud of this new generation of women o. Dem no send at all! Guess what matters most is happiness...

Photo: Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith Spotted Leaving Their Hotel In New York

Celebrity Seed Will and Jada Pinkett Smith
Hollywood power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were spotted leaving their hotel in New York City. The handsome couple’s 12-year-old daughter, Willow Smith, followed behind them. Willow looked like she was under the influence of something groovy. The Smith family dressed casually in t-shirts and jeans.

Actress Mercy Aigbe gets sexy for House of Maliq magazine

Mercy Aigbe Gentry's beautiful photos in the new issue of House of Maliq magazine.

First photo of Kim and Kanye's daughter - North West

Kanye West showed a picture of his daughter North West today on The Kris Jenner Show...She's so cute!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Jocelyn Dumas falls on stage trying to rock Denrele Edun's boots

Dear Jocelyn and everyone else, only Denrele can rock those boots. Only Denrele! The Ghanaian TV personality joined Denrele on stage during the launch of Channel O ONews Live in Ghana last night and for some reason felt confident she could dance in Denrele's very high boots. She took off her Louboutins and put on Denrele's boots...and well the pictures tell the remaining part of the story.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Beyonce Takes Off Her Wig, and Her Stans Go Crazy

Beyonce removed her lacefront wig to let her own thinning hair breathe — and her Stans lost their collective minds. The 32-year-old mother-of-1 posted a photo of her short hair on her Instagram account. Of course, the accolades from her Stans are over-the-top. What is wrong with them? She took off her wig! It’s not like her own hair was long and she cut it short.
Beyonce should be praised for finding the confidence to take off the ridiculous lacefront wigs and wear her own hair for once. Maybe her Stans will follow suit and cut off their hair extensions. Aren’t you ladies tired of imitating another race?

Oprah gets apology after Swiss clerk refuses to show her a handbag because it was too ‘expensive’ for her

Oprah and Gayle King in Zurich
A Swiss high end boutique issued an apology to American media mogul Oprah Winfrey after a clerk there refused to show Winfrey a handbag because it was too expensive for her.
Oprah and her longtime Lover Gayle King were in Zurich, Switzerland to attend Tina Turner’s wedding.
“Obviously ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ is not shown in Zurich,” Oprah told Entertainment Tonight.
Oprah is busy promoting her latest film, ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’. By the way, many thanks to Saptosa Foster of 135th Street PR for the invite to last night’s Atlanta screening of ‘The Butler’!

Oprah said: “I was in Zurich the other day, in a store whose name I will not mention. I didn’t have my eyelashes on, but I was in full Oprah Winfrey gear. I had my little Donna Karan skirt and my little sandals. But obviously ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ is not shown in Zurich.
“I go into a store and I say to the woman, ‘Excuse me, could I see the bag right above your head?’ and she says to me, ‘No. It’s too expensive.’”
The saleswoman went on to suggest she look at cheaper bags. ‘I left the store but it proves that racism is still an issue,’ Oprah added.
‘There’s two different ways to handle it. I could’ve had the whole blow-up thing… but racism still exists, of course it does.’
The handbag in question was on sale for £24,460 and was locked in a cabinet to prevent shoplifting.

Judge Shows Bias to News Outlets That Favor Usher in Tameka Raymond’s Emergency Hearing”

Tameka Raymond Usher Raymond Judge Goger
This email came from a credible source within the Fulton County courthouse. The email concerns Fulton County Superior Court Judge John Goger who is presiding over Tameka Raymond’s emergency hearing to request custody of her 2 sons with Usher Raymond.
Usher and Tameka’s 5-year-old son, Usher Raymond V, nearly drowned in his aunt’s swimming pool on Monday.
Usher Raymond V, aka Cinco, is still recovering in an Atlanta area hospital. The boy inhaled chlorine water into his lungs and required respiratory support when he first arrived in the ICU.
Yesterday, Tameka tweeted a photo of herself holding Cinco in his hospital room.
In the caption she wrote:
My favorite 5 year old. What a blessing! I have always loved and appreciated my sons but tragedies and close calls make this even more evident. URV had an angel named Kile Ishmael and our Lord and true savior to look after him. Words cannot express the relief and how thankful to God I truly am. Thank you Jehovah God, Jesus and Kile…also The AV worker that saved my son is my Hero!!! Period
Judge Goger is the same judge who returned a girl to her millionaire father after the father was arrested twice for abusing her.

Photo: Man who killed wife and posted photo of her lifeless body on Facebook wrote a self-help book on saving marriages

Man posted photo of dead wife body on Facebook
Man posted photo of dead wife body on Facebook
A Miami man who shot his wife and posted a photo of her lifeless body on Facebook once wrote a self-help book on saving marriages, the NY Post reports.
Derek Medina, 31, posted the photo of his dead wife on Facebook Thursday morning after telling Facebook followers he was going to prison for killing her. “Rip Jennifer Alfonso,” he wrote in the photo caption.
In his Facebook post Medina claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse.
“I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys take care Facebook people you will see me in the news,” the post read. “My wife was punching me and I am not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did I hope you understand me.”

Man posted photo of dead wife body on Facebook
Miami police found Jennifer Alfonso’s body in the couple’s South Miami townhouse Thursday, according to WSVN. A 10-year-old girl was in the house at the time. She was not injured.
Derek Medina Sr., Alfonso’s father, told WSVN the girl was Alfonso’s daughter from a previous relationship. Police removed the 10-year-old girl from the home in a blanket.
Derek Sr. told WSVN that his son confessed the murder to him around 11 a.m. Thursday. Derek Sr. drove Alfonso to a police station to turn himself in.
Medina Sr. said his son and Jennifer got divorced and remarried in 2012.
Man posted photo of dead wife body on Facebook
Medina authored 6 self-help books with absurdly long titles such as “How I Saved Someone’s Life and Marriage and Family Thru Communication” and “World Just Ask Yourself Why We Are Living a Life Full of Lies and How I an Emotional Writer Made All of My Professional Dreams Come True Blocking Society’s Teachings.”
“This Book is a great book to learn how to make your marriage and relationship with others better by understanding the meaning of life and the purpose of living and being there for loved ones,” one book summary reads.

Chinedu Ikedieze warns fan who calls him shortest boss on Twitter

Y'll take note never call him a short boss.