Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Photos: Couple With 53-Years Age Difference Are Enjoying Their Marriage

Remember the story of  the 61-Year-Old Woman who married an 8-Year-Old Boy? 
The couple are seriously enjoying their marriage....check out some photos of the lovely couple together
Husband And Wife: With his feet dangling above the floor and his child's portion of food, it looks like he's having dinner at his grandma's...when in actual fact In fact 8-year-old Sanele Masilela is enjoying dinner with his 61-year-old wife,Helen Shabang following his marriage to her some weeks ago...the little kid said he is now beginning to feel like a proper husband....I feel you man kid.

 A  happy family. (L-R) Alfred Shabangu (Helen's first husband) Helen Shabangu, Sanele Masilela (on the floor) and Sanele's mother Patient Masilela
 Kids Love to Play: Sanele Masilela enjoys playing with friends his own age

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