Monday, 17 June 2013

Why I Don’t Wear My Wedding Ring— Desmond Elliot
Nollywood actor, Desmond Elliot, in a recent interview the actor speaks on his staying power, marriage and fatherhood.
There’s no doubt he has evolved  in his 14-year-old career. From a ‘fine’, talented actor, Desmond went on to directing, which he reveals he finds fulfilling while acting is rewarding for him.
One of the ambassadors of a leading telecommunication group, Globacom, the father of four has carved a niche for himself which makes him one of the most sought-after by movie producers.

In one of your interviews you said you intend having seven children. When are you looking at adding three more?
Ask my wife o, na she get that matter.
But are you really serious about having seven children?

I do not mind at all. Maybe not now, maybe much later but I love kids. My dad had 11, my mom had five. So, ours was a large family. So, it’s not because we were not many, that’s why I want to have a large family, no. I just love kids. I want to have a big family like seven. But not now, when my wife is more rested and the kids are grown more and also when I have more money, so I can give them all the best. I love kids. Definitely, we’ll have more.
What’s fatherhood like?
Oh, it’s awesome. It’s one of the best things in life. It’s a good experience. I feel blessed, excited. Especially when they are growing up, you see them learn different things, want to say different things, you guys walk together, they tell you things, sometimes they correct you when you speak English.
 Why is it that most stars don’t wear their wedding rings, like you are not wearing yours right now?
I honestly don’t know why. Sometimes, it’s because of the fear of getting it missing. When we are on set and you are not playing a married role, you’ll need to take it out. And sometimes it just might get missing.
When last did you put on your ring?
When last did I stop shooting?
And it’s not an issue, is it?
No, she kept it. She’s with it. Isn’t it better she keeps it than for it to get lost?
Why is that you don’t attend events with your wife?
The kids, now that the kids are growing, very soon we’ll be going out together. It’s pretty much because of the kids. She needs to stay home to take care of them, but she will be coming out more very soon.

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