Saturday, 15 June 2013

Akon Ventures into NASCAR Racing with AKON Motor Sports

Akon Ventures into NASCAR Racing
Musician Akon’s interest in cars has prompted him to form Akon Motor Sports during the 2013 NASCAR season. Akon has signed renowned race car driver Joe Henderson III to lead his Akon Motor Sports team, with Henderson competing in the NASCAR PRO SERIES EAST race at Langley Speedway in VA. On June 22nd.
“I got into motor sports because I’ve always had a love for cars,” said Akon in a press release. Cars were always something that gave me that excitement and that rush for life,” he added. “That was what really motivated me to get into motor sports.”

Akon hopes his love for motor sports will influence and encourage more minority involvement in NASCAR racing, not just as drivers but as fans in the stands.
“Akon Motor Sports is bringing forth the best driver you have ever seen in your life,” said Akon. “That’s right. I’m representing Joe Henderson III with a bang. Make sure you check him out.”
Below is AKON MOTOR SPORTS & CHAMPION DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING First race car driver, Joe Henderson III’S Racing schedule for 2013:
June 22 – Langley speedway
July – 13 Columbus speedway
August 2 – Iowa speedway
September 2 – Greenville speedway
September 21 – New Hampshire
September 27 – Dover
August 21 – Bristol
Sept. 8 – Iowa
Sept. 13 – Chicagoland
Oct. 26 – Martinsville
Nov.1 – Texas speedway
Nov. 8 – Phoenix speedway
Aug. 23 – Bristol
Aug. 31 – Atlanta
Sept. 14 – Chicagoland
Sept. Dover
Oct. 11 – Charlotte
Nov. 2 – Texas speedway

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