Tuesday, 8 October 2013

How Femi Kuti almost had an accident because a lizard entered his car while driving

Lol this is so funny.Afro -beat Maestro, Femi Kuti reportedly involved himself in a near accident on third-mainland bridge Lagos, over a lizard which entered his car.
He is said to have narrated his ordeal when he arrived late to the MUSON Center, where he was a guest artiste at the pre-event press briefing on the coming MUSON anniversary concert

“You know, it could have been a disaster if the lizard had run through my trousers, climbing to my private part. You can imagine how jumpy I could have reacted, trying to protect my manhood. Because, that to me is an important part of who I am, I can’t joke with it. Evil people could be at work,”  They say he refused to enter his jeep after the event unless the lizard was found.

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