Friday, 20 September 2013

Photos: Girl Stripped Naked After Allegedly Cutting Friend's Face With Razor Blade Over Sugar Daddy

A girl cuts her friend with a razor blade after she learnt her friend (neighbor) whom she introduced to her sugar daddy went behind her back to have sex with her sugar daddy. This incident was reported to have occurred at Inikpi street, High level ,Makurdi , Benue State. Later on, it was discovered that the fight erupted not because the girl snatched her friend's sugar daddy but because the victim insulted the other girl's mother calling her a prostitute. This led to this fiasco and avoidable assault on both feuding parties. Once again, passerby and witnesses took laws into their own hands by stripping the other girl naked and beating her silly without proper investigation - jungle justice. It's very sad how a human being slashes her friend's face with a razor blade just because of a minor misunderstanding! More pictures below


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