Friday, 20 September 2013

Incredible: Man Kills 3-Month-Old Son For Money Ritual

20-year-old Polycarp Tajan from Maikatako Village in Bokkos, confessed in an interview with newsmen in Jos, the state capital, that he suffocated his three-month-old baby boy (names withheld) to enable him cut off his tongue for money-making ritual. Tajan said his quest for money took him to a native doctor, who asked him to bring the tongue of his first-born child for the ritual.
He equally blamed his action on the devil, influence of alcohol and greed. He said: “I was really in need of money and someone told me about money ritual. I went to meet a native doctor, who demanded the tongue of my first-born child. “When I came home that day, the baby was on the bed and my wife was cooking in the kitchen. I used the pillow to suffocate the baby.”Police sources said Tajan’s wife raised the alarm that led to the suspect’s arrest. The native doctor was still at large. 

So pathetic! The heartless man killed his own (innocent 3-month) old infant for money? How was he ever going to "enjoy" that money?

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