Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Oh No ! Derenle Shades Soundcity (Hilarious)

Lmao this is just funny.Derenle was working with Nigerian Music Channel Soundcity. Infact he was Soundcity. Well he had issues with them and moved on to Channel O.Now he posted this pic and took time to break down the difference...
Left is when he was with Soundcity..I didn't want to use the word "Diss" coz this is hilarious.. LOL
Left: Soundcity heydays. Right: ChannelO divinity.
Left: Harassed look. Right: I-gat-dis-on-check!
Left: Chaotic Hair. Right: Tangled Fabulousness!
Left: Recycled Jacket. Right: Sparkly Bling of Life!
Left: Naira Power. Right: Dollar Speaking! #Trouble #instagram

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