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A Must Read: Buccaneers Warns Pyrates Confraternity Asks Them To Move on.

It's no news that the pyrates confraternity has been throwing shots at the buccaneers confraternity on media at any given opportunity.The last was at Professor Wole Soyinka's 80th Birthday when the capone of pyrates confraternity was interviewed on Am express in his speech he labeled the Buccaneers confraternity as a (Secret Cult). But the buccaneers have said "Enough Is A Enough!" And wrote an open letter to the pyrate confraternity and the general public stating their cause and what the buccaneers confraternity stands for. This piece was written by Barrister Femi Osibanjo
Grand Eye
Buccaneer Confraternity

Read Piece below:

Dear All,

It has become necessary to address you once again.

This Brotherhood is a private membership only Association or Friendly Society, which does not seek to compete with any organization, Fraternity, Sorority or Club. For this reason, we will not seek to respond to any or the unnecessary competition seeking by the Pyrates Confraternity aka National Association of SeaDogs (hereinafter referred to as PC). We are confident that every worthy Seadog at the time of the schism regretted the fact that it happened and that it claimed the very finest Dogs sailing at that time. We know that Capn Blood and another prominent Politician from Ondo State did a lot to ‘bring back’ those fine Seadogs but it was too late as they had formed what is now known as Buccaneers Confraternity. This was in 1972 and the reason was simply that in Jolly Rogers I, Odas was no longer Odas, each and every Creed of the PC had been turned upside down with corruption and nepotism assuming exalted positions therein. It was for this same reason that Capn Blood of Tortuga and other eminent and founding members of the PC ‘ABANDONED SHIP’. They were never to associate with that Confraternity until much much later – probably in the early ‘90s.

Today, they seem to have succeeded in ‘bringing back’ some of their members who had hitherto abandoned ship. They must have done something right by those members. Good for them. But they can carry on without mentioning Buccaneers Confraternity during every step they take or speech they make.

We implore each and every Seadog to concentrate on trying to live by the creed of their Fraternity instead of seeking on each occasion, such as the last speech at the Professor Soyinka 80th Birthday celebration, to invoke the almighty name of the Buccaneers Confraternity. It is understandable that they still hurt from the loss of their best members to us between 1972 and 1975 inclusive but that is a long time ago. We have moved on. They too should. We advise that a Pyrate does not need to mention Buccaneers Confraternity in order to be a Seadog.

Those finest ex-Seadogs aforesaid preferred the original brotherly, caring and cosmopolitan melting pot, which the PC had by then lost. They set up the Buccaneers Confraternity on the basis of those principles and philosophies. The ideal was to teach togetherness, love, leadership, obedience to constituted authorities, steadfastness and fairness to one another and to all and sundry.

For over 40 years since the formation of this great brotherhood, we make bold to say that we have indeed held on to the very original tenets upon which our Brotherhood was based including grooming of fine leaders and citizens regardless of race, religion or creed; fostering brotherhood across all tongues and tribes and being a brother’s keeper. We have accomplished a great deal of the objectives as set down by our founding members and have overcome the inevitable challenges associated with our growth and expansion around the country and globe. Today, the Buccaneers Confraternity is proud to have produced very fine gentlemen who occupy, and are shinning in, various positions of trust and honor in every sphere of our great nation and indeed around the globe.

Membership of this great brotherhood is currently spread across many continents: from Africa to the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia. Our Fraternity has taken tremendous strides in lending a helping hand to the less privileged. We are helping to create an awareness campaign for good citizenship. Our branches in the United Kingdom and the United States periodically support humanitarian causes and give back to communities and organizations in-need. For example, the United States branch of our organization has consistently given financial donations to natural disaster relief programs through the American Red Cross Society during Hurricanes and other natural disasters; they also donate food to shelters in Maryland USA periodically.

Our Dallas Texas branch makes financial contributions to the Cooks Children hospital regularly, to help treat children suffering from long-term illnesses such as cancer. The Chicago branch in the USA also makes charity donations regularly. The United Kingdom branch has been a long time supporter of diabetes UK, running in the marathon races every year to help raise funds for them. Diabetes UK has written severally to the Buccaneers Confraternity in the United Kingdom recognizing and applauding their efforts.

Our branches worldwide continue to make trips to orphanages where they donate food, clothing and cash. As our main focus is on molding fine gentlemen who would uphold our tenets of good/responsible leadership and citizenship respectively, we acknowledge that the type of change that impacts on the society positively starts with individual responsibility and good citizenship. In other words, it is our firm belief that we must be the change that we desire to see in our society, our country and around the world. As a result, we strive to promote orderliness and responsibility in every sphere of life where we find ourselves. This forms a major platform for our strict emphasis on discipline in small and big matters – ODAS IS ODAS!!!

The lives of thousands of our members have been touched by the kindness and amazing generosity of our fellow members. From scholarships to employments, to help with medical procedures etc. etc., it has been and continues to be brother deliver brother. This is one of our core values, which is taken very seriously and expressed thus, BRODA DELIVER BRODA. This is the bedrock of Buccaneering. What better way to foster and build a progressive and caring society and nation than to bring men whose origins cut across barriers together as a Family and get them to practice those our own philosophies?

The barriers that hold humans and particularly Nigerians down and many a time, lead to upheaval, bloodshed and wanton destruction of lives and properties, lead some in this country to question the viability of us as one Nation. This is what we are about and with over 40 years of a symbolic voyage on the high Seas, we are proud that our Brotherhood has indeed proven that men of every race, tribe, political leaning and religious beliefs can indeed come together and pursue the same objectives and accomplish them while respecting the backgrounds and beliefs of its individual members.

Over the years we have witnessed attempts by some at bastardizing the name and image of this Noble Brotherhood. It has become a common pastime for some journalists like Okodili Ndidi of the Nation Newspaper and Chidi Nkwokpara of the Vanguard Newspaper to write articles demeaning the reputation and integrity of the Buccaneers Confraternity by linking us with the violence in some Universities. These lazy quack journalists will not investigate a story and get their facts straight. They just pick up their pens and write about the Buccaneers Confraternity being involved in some violence or the other to justify their pittance of wages.

Enough is Enough! We will no longer sit back and allow this to continue without responding very strongly and taking very serious legal and appropriate steps against any person or persons or news organization that continues in this ridiculous level of defamation. Let it be known that the Buccaneers Confraternity is made up of men of proven integrity.

We do not encourage violence in any form nor do we, as a Society, engage in violence or illegal conduct. We promote fairness and equity among the people of the world and seek to teach the larger societies that love and loving are sweet.

Let it be known clearly that Buccaneers Confraternity is not a secret society by any definition of those words and, indeed, by the meaning of the provisions of Section 318 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as altered). If anybody has any evidence to the contrary, we ask him to kindly furnish us and the Authorities with it/them.

We are aware that many Institutions and intellectually inept writers wrongly refer to us also as a ‘secret cult’. As regards ‘secret’, we feel that they confuse it with ‘private’. As regards ‘cult’, whatever it means, it is not outlawed by the Constitution of this country, which, like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, grants unqualified freedom of Association. We will defend our rights to associate with each other with everything we have. If, in the course of our associating, anybody commits an offence, which is unlikely, then and only then can the authorities step in – and only in respect of the offenders.

In the areas of the country and in the realm of misconceived legislations where some authorities have lazily, wrongly and unconstitutionally labeled us as a proscribed group or included us in their ridiculous schedules of ‘secret cults’, we are instituting cases at the appropriate courts to reverse those senseless acts and to clarify the status of our Brotherhood as a private membership only friendly organization.

Members of the public should beware of impostors who sell fake membership to people. We have a centralized admission procedure which will be found in our website once each year. If any person tells you that he can either admit you into this Brotherhood or facilitate your admission, please check with us first by visiting our website at www.alorasealords.com where you will obtain the numbers to contact.

We also advise any person or group of persons in any tertiary institution who parade themselves as our admission officers to desist from doing so forthwith as we will henceforth partner with Law Enforcement Agencies to crack down on impostors.

For avoidance of doubt, we will soon publish full details of Universities and other tertiary institutions where we have no members.

Accordingly and in the meantime, members of the public should be vigilant and inform us and the Law Enforcement Agencies if any person presents himself as our member in any institution or seeks to recruit you.

Membership of our organization is open to only adult males who are undergraduates and graduates of tertiary institutions and who agree to align themselves with our tenets and set objectives of impacting positively on our society while enhancing our development as a Nation and also to those who agree to exhibit the highest level of citizenship and brotherliness at all times to fellow members.

We join well meaning and patriotic Nigerians in condemning the recent spate of unprovoked attacks and senseless destruction of lives and properties in some northern parts of our country. We condemn the senseless killing of innocent men, women and children, especially the brazen abduction of more than 270 harmless schoolgirls in Borno state and call for their immediate release.

Buccaneers are determined to defend the unity of this nation as we have forged brotherhood across all tribes and regions in the country. As the Grand Eye, I have instructed all members to work with only groups that are prepared to protect the unity of this nation.

We have watched with our mouths agape as Civil Servants and politicians show unimaginable irresponsibility in their handling of public funds and issues, how they brazenly enrich themselves – those in Government and opposition at state, Federal and Local Government levels respectively; how they sell Public properties to each other or corruptly sell public roads to entities of their interest who then introduce toll gates – and how Nepotism and corruption have assumed hitherto unimaginable positions in our Body Politic.

We marvel at the unguarded derision to which stupid ‘politrickcians’ subject our very able and gallant men in the Armed Forces – all because we have a terrible system in which people who have no business around administration of state affairs find themselves in government. We are shocked at the irresponsible behaviour of the same thieving ‘Emperors’: they steal their state treasuries dry, pour coal tar on the roads and claim to have built expensive roads; they buy jets with state funds only for the benefit of they and their families and cronies for the duration of their tenure when the people of their states require water, schools and bursaries; they are either stealing in government or waiting to get the thieves out of government houses so that they can show them how to really loot.

What amazes us most is eminent and transparent desperation of these Crooks for control of State Apparatus that they are always ready to desecrate our highest office – the Presidency (as is never done in any society with sane politicians) – simply because they cannot have their way; the silliest tantrums otherwise now known as ‘open Letter’ is their stock-in-trade. And together with the failing paid PRESS that we now have, they are prepared to beat drums of war and imaginary catastrophe or make open clarion calls for pogrom in some parts of the country upon their loss in the ‘power Game’ or at the earliest indication of even a genuine electoral loss.

We warn all of you. When and if the war starts, you cannot even wait to see it. All your loots will burn………… BE WARNED!!!!!! STOP! THINK! ……. If you run out of the country, we, Nigerian citizens here and abroad and your prospective host countries will come after you…

As the elections draw nearer, I must warn all Buccaneers in various political parties to desist from fighting one another and, to not be involved in un-brotherly or unlawful activities. I will not fail to YELLOW spot any buccaneer who falls below par or who is proven to be involved in any form of violence anywhere and at any time. I have spoken.

Barrister Femi Osibanjo
Grand Eye
08079705196; 08098255933


  1. Thank you mi rugged Grand Eye for this special edition and for using this medium to warn not just pirates confratanity bt all all gossipees of Buccaneers confraternity!

    Sealords are rugged
    No Price No Pay!

  2. awumen lords are rugged and are doing well in variouse aspect of life.for example without me bmw car manufactura in bangkok cannot continue production because i am their brain box programer and installer.lords are rugged and will always be pirates know this.well i dont give a shit about them because they all smell.i love buccaner confratanity and i must say i never regreted joining them.awumen me GE your boys are doing well here in thailand and recently i was awarded an award of excelence by bmw company for introducing a keyless door which will be out soon.

  3. Mi rugged Grand Eye you have spoken very well, may almighty God grant you the ability to take us to our perfect treasure land, Awumen. Mr. Stephen

  4. Awumen to you my rugged Grand Eye. You have spoken well, u have spoken as the leader you are. A word is enough for the wise. All lords are rugged and would remain rugged. May we sail to our treasure island. Awumen to all lords