Saturday, 25 May 2013

Female Celebs who strip off to steal the limelight

Rihanna                                         Nicki Minaj
Rihanna bared her boobs and thong at a nightclub bash in Hollywood last year while Gaga 

wore this see-through bodysuit to a fashion award ceremony in 2011 (she didn't win any 


 More photos
Nicki Minaj
 Nicki Minaj turned up to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards wearing just a bra (that was several sizes too small). 
Lil Kim the female rapper let it all hang out at the MTV awards in 2001 in this flower bra

Rose Mcgowan bared it all t at the 1998 VMAs in this non-existent frock

Jodie Marsh celebrated her 30th birthday in 2008 in this outrageous animal-print ensemble

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