Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Femi Fani Kayode Sends An Ode To Bianca--Calls Her Jezebel!

Nigeria's Minister of Controversy just made this very interesting post on facebook 22minutes ago.I am really tired of this cat and dog fight between him and Bianca Ojuku and from what he posted,this fight has become Political.
So i may have to ask who he is referring to that is pushing Bianca...who has two more years in office?Femi this is a fight where names are mentioned,please correct the writeup and call out the person..if there must be peace,everyone should be called out oh.
Bianca I am sorry you got mixed up in all this.
My candid advice?If femi slept with you at all ,check your tohtoh and if his name is not branded on it,please move on and forget this whole shit.....getting too messy meeeeen!
Read Femi's Interesting post!

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